Where Things Are Opposite

By Athena Bucci

Take me back

To where things are opposite;

To where things are thought of as 


But I don’t feel it;

This place is not so 

Strange to me.

I  would rather live where 

The houses are all the same,

And the train leads you back,

And the River flows through,

And the swans swim in peace;

Take me back 

To where they would see me as


But not really different from them.

Take me to where 

Things are opposite,

But not so opposite

To me.

Athena Bucci is a second year student at the University of Toronto, studying English and Book & Media Studies. She has been previously been published in 2018, in the anthology book, Catch the Whispers, for her poem titled “You.” She dreams of writing more in the future and travelling the world.

Photo Credit: Allure House Interiors

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