Weapon in the Midst of War

By Mahum Masroor

He sauntered through the city, 
gaze lowered and shoulders hunched. 

around him, everyone walked 
a sense of confidence infiltrating the air. 

He was like a sheep in a pack of wolves, 
ready to be devoured by any one of us. 

then he lifted his gaze, 
and I was met with his piercing eyes.

He stared me down, knowing 
I was scrutinizing him. 

then, he gave me that charming smile
and all of a sudden, 

He was one of us

He knew when to bury his confidence
or use it as a weapon in the midst of war. 

His back straightened, 
a smile swiftly slid across his face 
effortless sweeping like a broom

and he approached me. 

He is one of us.

Mahum Masroor—a first year student at the University of Toronto—enjoys reading all genres of books but especially appreciates memoirs. She started creative writing at the young age of 11 and has been previously published in The Mike. Mahum hopes to write a novel one day, whilst enjoying her future job as a highschool English teacher. 

Illustration by: Shuchi Jain

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