Current issue

Two Poems

By Jiaqi (Cindy) Fan


Take away, take away.
Take away
the Spring feasts on Days.
Feasts on plagues,
Feasts on virus,
Feasts on human

Your bosom is filled
with blood,
with tears,
with absurdity.

Your name will be remembered
by a number, numbers.
1 number to life,
2 numbers to death,
3 numbers caught 
In-between lives and deaths.

White uniform! 
People’s praise
hangs you up
to a place, where
there’s no retreat,
but only march—
March to despair,
March to hope,
March to human desire
(to live)


April is the isolat-est month, social
distancing keeps people
with only the breeze of spring wandering
in empty streets,

Crowds curl like a sleeping seed,
staying in their small, empty atrium,
waiting the sun, the wind, the dew
to wake them up 
from the long, frightening dream.

Too many to be awakened,
too many to be fixed,
too many to take 
to make you close to me

Not a mask, not a hand sanitizer,
but a heart, a smile, and the many loves
that connect us together
from the roots deep down the earth:
we are apart but united,
we are a Part of the universe,
we are A part of one tree,
we are a part of the grass,

Waiting for the rebirth, the restarting, the refreshing air
to fill our weakened lungs again;
waiting for the showering rain,
to sing the old song again.

Do you hear it?
The ballad of bluebird,
the sprouting sound of lilac from the sand tomb;
aparting souls longing to be together,
to gather petals for a flower, cobbles for a river, seeds for a land.

Jiaqi (Cindy) Fan is newly graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in English and Psychology. She has been writing both English and Chinese poems for five years. Her published works can be found in Mnerva Literary Journal and The Poetry Periodical (China’s most prestigious poetry publication). 

As a young poet, Jiaqi believes in humanism and always seeks for the fundamental meaning of human existence through her works. Her two new pieces of works, “March” and “April”, are born from her reflection on the importance of the emotional and spiritual bond between people, regardless of their destined boundaries, such as race, gender, etc.

Photo credit: Yunming Wang on Unsplash

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