By Trinity Synard

A descent

A herd of cattle knobbing knees in the field
lumbering down into the valley,
hooves clashing,
sifting the red sands
of words related / An arrangement
of burning leaves

Generative ember took charge
and came to being / Red, as if sun did soak through
like rain / could imbue the cliff face,
fill the sea-wood swimming the strait / cutting the clouds
on the water’s thin face / Cutting timber to bear
the shades of each date
meshed in the body we inhabit / became
we are strange

we all are strange

so thoroughly turned

and wonderous


Trinity Synard is a fourth-year student of English and environmental studies. She is fond of walking, taking photos of plants she doesn’t recognize, and chewy ginger candy.

Photo credit: Mark Olsen on Unsplash

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  1. beautiful poem! I can definitely see the influence that being both an environmental studies and English student has had on the poet.


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