The Origami Boat

By: Jayson Dela Fuente

Sometime on a cumulus day,

Grandpa and I went to the river bank,

Brought nothing but an old white hue of paper.

Whilst sitting on the dried hay,

His white hair is a living testament to the seasons he endured,

With sunken eyes and wrinkled hands, he curved the masterpiece.

My memory is clear, as he started the folding,

In vertical, horizontal, and in flipping up and down angles;

A splendid work of art enlightens my eyes.

It’s a boat, grandpa, an amazing boat! I exclaimed,

Out of the glee I felt.

An origami boat hand-made with great love.

We approached the river,

And I could hear, at a distant, the rushing water.

Next to the rock, over the other –

It slammed;

A free-flowing river that never stops.

He gave me the paper boat with a smile on his face.

I dropped it to the babbling water allowing it to float,

Looking away from us.

Suddenly, I hugged him tightly.

It went, in side by side direction, carried by current flow.

Flamboyant, as it traverses edge to edge.

Wherever it goes, it will surely be destined to.

For as long as there is origami, my grandpa will remain.

Jayson Dela Fuente, is a global ambassador of the 21stdigiskillz, an editor, a poet, an advocate of inclusive and special education, a passionate researcher, a freelance writer, a leader, an educator and a lecturer at Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology (NONESCOST) in the Philippines. He is pursuing his PhD in Instructional Leadership Education, specializing in general science. He holds degrees of MA in Education, specializing in general science with Latin honors as Cum Laude, and BS in Education, specializing in physical science. Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Research Journal of Science, Technology, Education, and Management (IRJSTEM). In his high-school and college days, he was an Editor-in-Chief of a student publication, where he fell in love devoting time to write editorials, essays, poems, short stories, novels, and speeches.

Photo Credit: Ahmed Zayan

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