A Devil’s Plea

Written by: Jeanne Polochansky

kiss me once, kiss me twice,

kiss me ’til the ice has thawed

between our throats, my one

i want to hear those favourite words you say

not with my ears, but with the way

you press your fingers to my bones

as if i am a piece of stone

or marble, clay

you’re no hunter, you’re a fool –

you gave your lips, your skin, your eyes

to me you knew

all i could give you was my spear

my dear

мой дорогой,

i want to stay in this embrace, my cheek

uncoy against your neck, its notch

our tired eyelids slipping shut

forgetting withered wings and rings

whose glow was a façade; i made a god

so you’d believe in me

our hair, asplay, a dream –

like strawberries that taste of sooty breaths

you and i can only ever be

a bloody death

Jeanne Polochansky is an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Toronto, and a locally, nationally, and internationally published poet. Alongside writing, she also edits and selects pieces for journals and participates in various literary initiatives. Her poems often stem from her experience as a first-generation Kazakh-Canadian and fine arts student. To view her full list of publications and what she’s working on now, check out thejovialpoet.home.blog or @/thejovialpoet on IG.

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