About Us

Isabel Armiento studies English at the University of Toronto, where she is the Editor-in-Chief of The Mike newspaper. Her work has been published in The Mighty Line, Necessary Fiction, Adelaide Literary Journal, and elsewhere, and she was a winner of the Hart House Literary Competition for prose fiction.

Sana Mohsin is an undergraduate at the University of Toronto studying Economics and English. She likes trees and peppermint tea, and hopes to somehow make a career out of reading and writing. Her words have appeared in Half a Grapefruit Magazine, RIC Journal, the UC Review, amongst others.

Marissa Lee is a writer and editor studying English, Book and Media Studies, and Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Toronto. Her work has been featured in Counterpoint Music Magazine, Vent Over Tea, and The Varsity (upcoming). She is also a Copy Editor at The Varsity, and an Associate Editor and Web Publisher at Acta Victoriana.

Isabela is a content writer and designer studying English Literature, and Book and Media Studies, and Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. While dabbling in photography and art design, she is also Associate Arts Editor of The Mike and the Founder of Ihayag. Her written work has been published in Her Campus Toronto and The Foolscap (upcoming).

Athena Bucci is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, studying a major in English, and a double minor in Book & Media Studies and Creative Expression & Society. Her work has appeared in Catch the Whispers, an anthology published by the Young Writers of Canada in 2018, Mnerva Literary Journal, and in The Mike. She loves reading and traveling, and hopes to one day become a published author.